E.7 – FISSS Social Fees

Hereafter we report the annual fees payable to FISSS by Consociates and members, with the minimum tariff for Instructors, Assistants and Operators due for their expenses, job performances and technical consultancies. The tariff is decided upon every year and may be modified.
Every FISSS Instructor may freely consider the entity and value of his/her entitlements for the held courses, provided that they be equal or superior to the minimum fees reported below, in order to avoid unfair competition inside the Federation, preserve its prestige and guarantee its professionals’ fairness.Payments are due by the 31st of January of every year by bank transfer.
European Patent fees, due to Eurethics-ETSIA (including an International insurance), are to be considered distinct and facultative for Supporters, Operators and Instructors that are not operative or holders of Federal Schools
Any default in payment may entail written warnings, fines for delay, suspension, downgrading or disbarment from the Register, according to FISSS Executive Board’s decisions.
Fee reduction bonuses are allotted to Consociates and/or Instructors who bring new members to the Federation by training courses or other initiatives, up to the total exemption from the fee, plus other benefitsANNUAL SOCIAL FEES FOR FISSS CONSOCIATES & INSTRUCTORS

Non-profit Associations: € 60 (sixty)
Federal Centres and Schools; a supplement of € 40 (forty) to the due fees.
N.B.: The Italian Consociated Amateur Sports Associations holding centres and schools for FISSS Courses must be members of C.O.N.I., by a Sports Promotion Body of their choice and have their Managers, Instructors and members (if the case, their outfits and structures) registered and insured.
Other Institutions, Companies & Associations utilising FISSS logo: € 150 (one-hundred and fifty); discount on their products and services or other benefits for Federation’s members are to be arranged.
Basic Instructor: € 30 (thirty) – Expert Instructor: € 40 (forty) – Master Instructor: € 50 (fifty)
Minimum contribution by FISSS Supporters and Co-workers (not members, but enrolled in a special Federal Register)
Supporter: € 15 (fifteen) – Operator: € 20 (twenty) – Assistant: € 25 (twenty-five)

(held by Instructors qualified in Federal Schools and campuses, or itinerant)

Preparatory Courses: initiation training for beginners and amateurs, even underage; the courses are held by qualified FISSS Instructors (Basic – 4th Level); teaching hours and costs are left to discretion (insurance compulsory).
N.B.: for the participants who want to be enrolled in the FISSS Register with the European qualification Supporter (1st level EQF) too, the course shall be structured with at least 20 hours of training in more than one session at a minimum cost of € 100 (one hundred) plus a FISSS tax of € 25 (twenty-five) for participation certificate, badge and registration. A bonus of € 5 (five) is granted to the School or Instructor.

Qualifying Basic Courses for FISSS Operators & Assistants (1st and 2nd Levels): they require a minimum training of 40 consecutive hours, with at leas an overnight stay. They are held by Expert Instructors qualified to the 5th Level. The cost is € 200 (two hundred) plus the FISSS tax for patent and badge issue and for registration.
N.B.: the cost may be reduced to € 150 (one-hundred and fifty) if the candidate has already got the 1st Level Supporter in the same school. A bonus of € 10 (ten) is granted to the School or Instructor.

Qualifying Advanced Courses for Basic Instructors (4th Level): they require a minimum training of 40 hours (even in different sessions), plus at least 80 hours of apprenticeship, even in different schools and with other Instructors. They are held by qualified Advanced Expert Instructors (6th Level and above). Costs are free, plus the FISSS tax for patent and badge issue and for entering the new Register. A bonus of € 10 (ten) is granted to the School or Instructor.

Testages & Qualifying Examination Sessions: the costs for participants are left at the managing body’s discretion, plus FISSS taxes for the Examining Commission; for candidates to Expert € 60 (sixty); for candidates to Master € 100 (one hundred)

Professional Courses & Clinics for FISSS Instructors, Companies, Public Bodies, etc.: training hours and costs are at discretion; they are held by Master or Advanced Expert Instructors.

They are proportioned according to expenses, budget, prizes or benefits, and are arranged by the organisation, without costs for FISSS Operators, Assistants and Instructors.

(for a 24 hour commitment in courses, contests, events and outfitting – plus expenses)

Basic: € 120 (one-hundred and twenty) – 5th Level Expert: € 140 (one hundred and forty) – 6th Level
Advanced Expert: € 160 (one hundred and sixty) – 7h Level Master: € 200 (two hundred) – 8th Level
Advanced Master: € 220 (two hundred and twenty) – Executive Board’s Members in mission: € 250 (two hundred and fifty)

MINIMUM DAILY TARIFF for Operators: € 70 (seventy) – for Assistants: € 90 (ninety)

It is required from Consociates and members for private appointments obtained via requests to the FISSS: it amounts to a percentage of 10% of the total revenue or relative budget.

They are comprehensive of international insurance and compulsory for Instructors operative in FISSS Schools. Starting tax for verification, validation, certification and registration: € 5 (five) up to 6th Level; € 15 (fifteen) for 7th and 8th Levels


1st and 2nd EQF Levels (Supporter and Operator): € 30 (thirty)
3rd and 4th EQF Levels (Assistant and Basic): € 45 (forty-five)
5th and 6th EQF Levels (Expert and Advanced Expert): € 60 (sixty)
7h and 8th EQF Levels (Master and Advanced Master): € 75 (seventy-five)

Following the FISSS’s endorsement of qualifications, the payments are to be sent to ETSIA asbl (association sans but lucrative) c/o:
Montepaschi Belgio – Rue Joseph II, 24, B-1000 Bruxelles
IBAN: BE13643007872639 (BIC: BMPBBEBB)

For payments to the F.I.S.S.S. and information, please contact info@federazionesurvival.it
Tel.: +39 (0) 11- 8196157 / +39 340-5414755
Bank coordinates of FISSS Account c/o BANCA INTESA SANPAOLO:
IBAN: IT82H0306909606100000115866 (BIC: BCITITMX)

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