FISSS ORGANIGRAM for the 2018-2021 mandate

(as approved by the Assembly in Montecatini on the 24th of September 2017
and Palazzuolo Sul Senio on the 03th November 2017)

Really Important note: This organizational chart concerns the appropriately specified roles of 4 Executives of the Board who are continuously operative and of 5 Council managers referring to the 5 Federal Commissions. For the validity of the Executive Board, the members present to meetings shall be at least five, among which the President, the Dean President (Emeritus) or Vice-President, the Secretary and, in function of the themes on the agenda, the Councilmen referring to the concerned internal Commissions. Board’s members who might not demonstrate to be operative and available for their assignments shall be replaced, if the case, with a decision by the Federal assembly.
01. President – He is the legal and institutional representative of the Federation – He convenes the Executive Board at least twice a year (even by e-mail) and calls the Ordinary and extraordinary Assemblies at least once a year – He/she sends communiqués to Consociates, members and Instructors at least twice a year – He is in charge of the public relations with national and international institutions and bodies – He directly represents the FISSS in the media and may delegate to this purpose other members of the Board or Instructors – He/she has the right of veto for initiatives he does not approve or for the actions of any FISSS member, with the faculty to refer to the Board all relevant decisions and measures – He has the right of representation, direct or by proxy, in all internal Commissions – He has the double voting right in case of tied vote by the Board or Assemblies – He has the faculty to appoint at his/her discretion a Honoris causa Instructor per year (the Board may appoint other candidates) – If the case, he has the faculty to delegate Honoris causa Instructors as deputies or holders in courses and/or as FISSS representatives in special occasions.
02. Dean President Enzo MAOLUCCI – He is councillor to President and Secretary – He coordinates and manages the Commissions for the formalisation of protocols – He fosters and mediates the internal/external relations for policies and relationships between Consociates and Instructors – He evaluates proposals to be submitted to the President, the relevant Commissions or the whole Executive Board – He considers the new membership applications to be submitted to the Board for clearance – He holds contacts to transmit the Secretary’s documents and for initiatives, events, contests, travels and experimentations approved by the Executive Board and sponsored/supported by the FISSS.
03. Vice-President – He collaborates with the President and Dean, supporting them and, in case of serious impediment, resignation or death, substituting them pro tempore until the Ordinary or Extraordinary Assembly to deliberate on substitutions and convene on next elections.
04. Secretary – He is responsible for the administration, resources, patrimony, treasury and financial budget – He takes the minutes of Assemblies and Board’s meetings – Also the President and Dean (Emeritus) are to supervise the administration, with the help of an external CPA (Certified Public Accountant), chosen by them for consultancy and of the Assistant Beatrice Maolucci.
05. Councilman, Referent to Technique-Safety-Environment Commission – He has to verify Instructors’ activities, locations of courses, contests and federal school campuses – He assesses risks, plus the rescue, safety and eco-compatibility outfitting in the places of operation – He is responsible for the testing of FISSS outfitting and installations – This Commission is composed of at least three members annually elected by the assembly, plus the President or his/her Deputy.
06. Councilman Daniele, Referent to Instructors’ Examinations & Training Commission – He deals with the certification to the formation from 5th to 8th EQF Levels and level upgrading – This Commission is composed by the president and all Master Instructors, plus some Advanced Expert Instructors appointed by the Executive Board, with a minimum of two Board’s members and two Master Instructors, plus the candidates’ tutors during examination sessions o evaluation testages programmed and approved by the Board – In the evaluation sessions in Federal Schools abroad it is sufficient one representative Master Instructor, plus the President or his/her Deputy.
07. Councilman , Referent to Ethics-Deontology-Discipline Validating Commission – He is in charge of the infringement and unfairness evaluation according to European Laws, the Statute, the FISSS Rules & Norms and the federal Code of Ethics – This Commission is composed of at least three members annually elected by the Assembly, by the FISSS legal assistant (external) and by the President or his Deputy. In case of disputes and controversies during Assemblies, this commission shall substitute the Arbitration panel as per the FISSS’s Statute
08. Councilman Daniele MANNO, Referent to Media & Communication Commission – He is in charge of the dissemination of federal initiatives, events and programmes – He oversees the updating of Federal Registers, mailing list and FISSS website – He keeps relations with social networks, sponsors and the press – He transmits important initiatives and news to Consociates, Instructors, members and amateurs – He updates the bulletin Survival News on the FISSS website – This Commission is composed of at least three members, even external, appointed by the Executive Board and President, or his Deputy.

09. Members, Commission for Science, Didactics, Training, Sport, Experimentation – Meant to provide guidelines for training and upgrading, this Commission is composed by at least three entitled members (even external) appointed by the Board and the FISSS President or his Deputy.10. Legal Assistant Renzo Cappelletto, lawyer and criminal attorney.

11. Board’s Cosultants & Referents to specific fields – for contacts and links, see “ROLES & REPRESENTATIVES OF THE BOARD’S INTERNAL COMMISSIONS” in 2018
Really Important note : All FISSS Consociates and Instructors intending to organize meetings or courses in the following specific fields utilising the Federal sponsorship must beforehand consult the relevant referent persons. The consultants shall provide the Board with their opinions, in order to facilitate a qualified majority voting. Without the approval by the Board, no organisation is allowed to utilise the FISSS logo
01. Survival Experience for Travels, Contests & Events: the Secretary – 02. First Aid in Remote Areas & Water Egress: Daniele MANNO – 03. Bushcraft: Roberto Garzella – 04. Experimental Archaeology: Vittorio Brizzi – 05. Prepping: Marco Crotta – 06. Mental Survival: Fabrizio Nannini – 07. CBRN Defense: Massimiliano Reginaldi – 08. Self-defense: Alberto Giustetto – 09. Animal Tracking: Marco Priori – 10. Man-tracking: Paolo Bozzo – 11. Human Ecology: Alberto Salza – 12. Endurance & Resilience: Pietro Trabucchi.

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